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Frequently asked question

Being an online platform, GenAI offers a variety of lessons and activities for your child’s development in coding and AI. Click below to explore some of our frequently asked questions:

Absolutely not! Our courses cater to all children with different levels of computing skills. Beginner or not, GenAI is for all!

All GenAI courses are designed with the concept of enabling your child to self learn through guidance provided in the lessons and activities. All activities are acknowledged by the GenAI team, and a certificate of completion is awarded for every course completed by your child.

Depending on which course you enrol your child, you can settle the payment via credit card or bank transfer and your child can begin right away!

What will your child learn

The main objective of GenAI is to foster and nurture interest and knowledge in coding and AI in children from a young age. On our platform, your child will learn the following:

  • Take part in curated lessons & activities
  • Gain in-depth knowledge on AI
  • Engage in a self learning concept
  • Enhance their problems solving skills
  • Develop their critical thinking
  • Foster their creativity and innovation
  • Learn the language of code and become an expert in programming
  • Prepare them for future job opportunities

GenAI is only the beginning for your child to gain skills in coding language and become a master in AI. Become apart of the GenAI family to start your child’s exciting journey!

What Parents Says

With the help of teachers and the environment as the third teacher, students
have opportunities to confidently take risks.

I have been looking for an online coding platform for my child that offers thorough and easy to follow lessons. I am so happy to have come across Gen AI! It has everything I wanted for my child and he enjoys it a lot!

Amila Salinda

The future is coding and AI. I wanted my child to get a head start on her computing journey and Gen AI was the best place to start! I am extremely happy with the course content and the progress my child has made so far.


The way complex topics are discussed in a simple and child appropriate manner is what attracted myself and my child to Gen AI. We are very happy withthe decision we made to enrol my child to this coding and AI program!

Azlam Zaman

Learning Paths

About GenAI

GenAi is an emerging education service provider that empowers kids and young individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital age.